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Fire Drill Tips For Your Employees

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

Most companies require yearly fire drills in order to ensure safety and follow fire department guidelines. Many employees and managers dislike fire drills due to the interruption during the day. However, these drills could save lives at some point. 

Here are some tips to follow to help with fire drill seriousness. 

Always take them seriously. Leading by example is a great way to get employees on board. Also having drills without warning will allow for employees to take them more seriously. 

Prepare your team ahead of time. Before there ever is an actual drill, make sure employees know what the fire plan is. Especially if you work in a high-rise building, making sure employees know where exits and emergency starewells are is important. 

For employees that could be dealing with customers during a fire drill, provide them with a few bullet points they can use during their conversation. For example, due to a local emergency, the call must be disconnected and we will return your call once we are back.

If your business experiences a fire, we have the resources in order to mitigate both fire-damaged items and smoke-damaged items. We can get your employees back into the office in no time. 

Business Impacted by Hurricane Ida? Here's What To Do.

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

Most business owners in our areas are aware of basic steps that should be taken before a hurricane, such as maintaining a preparedness plan, backing up computer files, and keeping a store of emergency materials. Some even develop plans for contacting employees. To keep the business flow as continuous as possible, managers need to know what to do just after the storm. By following the steps below, you can return to normal operations in no time.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Begin the claim filing process for any major damages as soon as possible. More details on the damages later, but the sooner you start, the better.

2. Wear Safety Gear

It is important to take the proper safety precautions if you are going to visit your property post-hurricane.

3. Document the Damage

As you assess the scope of the damage, remember to take pictures of any damage you see and to make detailed notes for your insurance claim and company records. *The photos you took before the storm will come in handy now!*

4. Salvage What You Can

Attempt to remove any debris that you can. Remember, buildings can be structurally unsafe so it is wise to only do as much as you know won't cause further damage to yourself or the property.

5. Find the Right Professional Help

Our Flood damage restoration experts know how to tackle jobs of all sizes and get your business back in shape quickly. We can guide you through the entire restoration process and have proven experience helping businesses recover after hurricane flood damage. We make it "Like it never even happened."

In the event you need to crowdsource to pay for any damages outside of insurance coverage, here are some ideas!

  • State and federal aid
  • Disaster relief organizations
  • Local resources
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Bank loans
  • Private funding

Maintaining Commercial Carpets in Your N. Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview Business

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Although most commercial carpets are made for durability, dirt and debris will still build up over time in them because of all the foot traffic. Maintaining regular cleaning will be beneficial to your carpet because once a carpet gets too soiled, it may never be restored to its original appearance. 

Preventative maintenance actions include: 

  • Regular vacuuming
  • Spot removal
  • Pilating the carpet to prevent matting
  • Moving furniture to change traffic patterns
  • Using walk-off mats to limit the amount of soil tracked onto the carpet

Even when you follow preventive maintenance actions, carpets will still have dirt trapped below the surface that you cannot see with the eye, especially in dark carpets. Carpets act as a filter trapping gasses, hair, dirt, and dust. Did you know that 79% of the soil in carpets is dry soil? To reduce that percentage, you should get your company's carpet professionally cleaned once a year. Protect your company's investment by having it cleaned by SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview!

Because each carpet is different, we offer a number of options to keep your carpet and upholstery brand new. Our cleaning methods include:

  • Bonnet Cleaning: A less aggressive method for short piled carpets.
  • Hot Water Extraction: A deeper cleaning method for all carpet types.
  • Deluxe Precondition and Rinse: Helps restore deeply soiled areas.
  • Showcase Premier Cleaning: The most thorough cleaning method in the industry.
  • Dry Cleaning: When color-fastness is an issue.

For a cleaning from SERVPRO® of N. Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview that is backed by state-of-the-art equipment and technicians trained to the highest standards, call us today to schedule an appointment. 

Keeping Your N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview Office Tidy

3/16/2021 (Permalink)

A clean and neat workspace is essential to not only productivity but also your employees. Being in a pandemic it is very important to set cleaning standards high and stick with them. Keep reading for more clean office benefits below. 

  • Dusty surfaces, dirty carpets and stale upholstered office furniture can severely impact air quality over time in an office space. Make sure that you keep a consistent schedule that includes wiping down all hard surfaces, vacuuming carpets and cleaning all upholstered furniture, to keep air quality healthy. 
  • Keeping a clean and sanitized office space doesn’t only help air quality, but it will also reduce germs and bacteria from adhering to high touch surfaces. This will ensure that your office staff, and any visitors, have a decreased risk of getting sick. 
  • Cleaning floors and reducing clutter in high-traffic areas, will ensure that there are less slips and falls and keep both employees and visitors safe. 
  • Among all the other benefits, having a clean, sanitized and tidy workspace simply makes the business appear more professional to both employees and consumers. 

If you think your Kenner, Harahan, or Lakeview office could use a little help in the cleaning department, we got you! SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview specializes in general cleanings, as well as sanitation and disinfection. It is our number one goal to help keep your business in great, safe shape. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just give us a call (504) 468-3046.

Commercial Vehicle Water Damage

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

After a long day on the road, one of your employees or yourself may leave the sunroof or window open. Depending on what weather is outside there is a chance your North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview business’s commercial vehicle may actually have water damage! Especially in the South, mildew and mold can happen when it's hot and muggy outside and the inside of the commercial vehicle is wet.

SERVPRO of  North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview has dealt with maybe water damage claims inside the home, commercial buildings, and commercial vehicles. We always ensure proper deodorization, drying, and getting rid of staining.

Also, don’t forget we offer COVID-19 cleanings for your commercial vehicle as well. Kill two birds with one stone and call us today at (504) 468-3046 for any water damage or COVID-19 cleanings you may need.

Types of Fire Risks in Your North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview Office

11/18/2020 (Permalink)

Offices across the United States suffer from fires more often than you think. A fire in the workplace is devastating to not only employees but also the business owner. Depending on how large the fire is, if you are not prepared, the likelihood of recovering can lower. Educating your Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview employees on common fire risks and ensuring they follow protocol can help minimize fires.

Damaged Power Cords

Because offices are jampacked with computers, phones, printers, kitchen appliances, and more, over time the electrical system can become overwhelmed. This can cause electrical shock which can result in a spark or fire starting. To avoid this from happening, check on your electrical panels regularly and make sure no wires are corroded. 


If your office is not regularly being cleaned, dust is accumulating. When dust builds up on wood, metal, and plastic it can become a fire hazard. Items that heat up such as computers, microwaves, and wires should always be kept dust-free.

Combustible Materials

Offices often have many papers, boxes, furnishing, and packaging lying around. All of these items can cause a fire to spread quicker than normal. Although many items are important to the daily functions of the office, try to keep it as tidy and minimal as possible. Fireproof furniture and desks should also be considered for the purposes of limiting what gets damaged and how fast the fire spreads.


Most offices have one computer per employee. Depending on how many employees you have, those can all be fire hazards. Employees should ensure they are not letting their computers overheat, or leaving laptops on materials that can catch fire if the laptop heats up too much. All employees should shut down their computers daily, and especially on the weekend.

After learning of all the fire hazards present in offices, it is important to have a plan. SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview offers an Emergency Ready Profile which allows for us to start mitigation sooner to get you back into your building quicker. Call us today to get one up!

COVID-19 Proofing your Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview Business

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

Not every business gets the luxury of working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic, especially if your business thrives on customers. Routine cleaning of your business is essential to limiting guests, and employees to exposure. Follow these tips to sanitize your space!

Start by educating workers, and developing policies for worker protection. This can include enforcing masks, and having a policy if workers start to feel ill. When cleaning your establishment, wear disposable gloves and start with plain soap and water and then use a disinfectant. Soap and water will reduce the number of germs and following with disinfectant will kill germs. Make sure to focus on high-touch surfaces. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches 
  • Countertops
  • Handles
  • Desks
  • Phones
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Sinks

If an employee or customer has tested positive for COVID-19 it is best to let the professionals take care of the sanitizing. SERVPRO® of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview offers a defensive pathogen cleaning program, that goes way beyond standard janitorial cleaning practices. We will tailor the program based on the need of your facility and use an EPA- Approved Hospital-Grade solution to decontaminate. Once completed you can be sure your business is Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned. You will get a Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned shield to place in your front window to let employees and customers know your business is committed to keeping everyone safe and comfortable.

If you are interested in our commercial cleaning services or want to learn more about our CDC complement Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned program, contact us!  

Preventing Mold Growth in your North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview Business

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home can be stressful, but finding it in your business where employees and customers can be exposed is a concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Because some people are more sensitive to mold than others, as a business owner you may not notice it right away. However, those that are sensitive, can experience various health effects. 

How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Workplace

  • Fix water leaks - Any known water leaks on the inside or outside of the building should be dealt with immediately to prevent moisture. 
  • Use a dehumidifier - Your building’s humidity must always be kept at 50% or less. We recommend installing a commercial dehumidifier. 
  • Ensure proper ventilation - Keep your air vents and air filters clean and free of debris to allow for adequate ventilation. 
  • Deal with flooding immediately- If your business floods, do not let the water sit for more than 48 hours.

Common Types of Mold

Mold comes in many forms but these types are the most common to look out for.

What to Do If You See Mold: 

Always use gloves when dealing with mold, and always remove gloves after touching mold as you can accidentally transmit mold to other parts of the body. You should use a respirator mask and eye protection to avoid inhaling mold spores and getting it in your eyes. It is best to contact a trained professional to assess mold. Once the mold has been assessed SERVPRO® of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview will come in and contain the infestation through the remediation process 24/7/365. Call your local SERVPRO® of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview at (504) 468-3046 to ensure your mold infestation is dealt with professionally and carefully. 

Water Damage in Lakeview

6/22/2020 (Permalink)

One of our customers recently experienced a commercial water damage and needed water cleanup services at their business in Lakeview, Louisiana. A pipe burst in the wall of their facility overnight causing water to pour into their building throughout the evening hours. Once they placed a call for water damage cleanup, our trained team of professionals dispatched to their location and began water extraction within 1 hour!

Following a walk through with the owner, we understood his concerns and cautions, which allowed for SERVPRO to coordinate a plan for the commercial water remediation project. The water damage restoration took 4 days to complete including the necessary demo. Walls containing wet insulation were cut at 2 ft in order to remove the wet insulation and properly dry the wooden studs. Once drying was complete from the water damage, our team cleaned the job site and left the customer ready for reconstruction services. 

SERVPRO's reconstruction team followed up with a comprehensive plan to rebuild the affected structure. Drywall, paint, cabinets and baseboards were completed within 1 week and the customer was able to keep his tenants operational throughout the water damage restoration and water damage reconstruction project. 

Call SERVPRO for the same five star experience when you experience a water damage setback!

Commercial Water Loss

6/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO was called to a commercial water loss in Louisiana that occurred due to flood water. The water loss required water cleanup, clay/debris removal and drying of the commercial structure. Our commercial water damage large loss team dispatched to the location and began extracting water from the building. After assessing the needs and concerns of the customer, we provided a plan to meet their needs.

Flood damage water loss claims at commercial facilities can create issues for businesses and employees. Once the office space was stabilized we worked with the customer to remove all necessary items to keep employees and business operational. 

When SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is contracted to perform commercial water damage restoration services, our number one goal is to keep your business operational and to limit disruptions to your services. During this flood water cleanup project, we were able to keep our customer running and servicing his customers. 

SERVPRO is the number one name is commercial water damage restoration, give our locally owned business a call when you need assistance with commercial water damages in the New Orleans area. 

Tis' the Season to Protect Your Business

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and SERVPRO house logo. All of us at SERVPRO® of N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview wish you and yours a safe holiday season!

Avoid Holiday Tragedy in Your N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview Business

Tis’ the season for festive decorations, colorful lights, and corporate christmas parties. However it is also a time full of tragedy as well. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics indicate that 30% of all fires occur during the months of December, January, and February caused by holiday decorations, lights, and Christmas trees. Fire damage is probably the last thing on your companies mind, but you may want to move it up on your list of priorities; preparation is the key!

  • Water Christmas tree regularly
  • Pay attention to Christmas lights and decorations
  • Use candle alternatives
  • Clean Chimney often
  • Use UL-approved lights and cords.

The first 48 hours after a fire often makes the difference between ‘restoring’ vs. ‘replacing’ your property and belongings. SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview provides a timely response with mitigation services ranging from fire, smoke and soot removal, to content claims inventory and document restoration. Here is a timeline to help ease your mind of what should be done before and after SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview arrives:

  1. One Hour: Within one hour from notice of loss, a SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeviewprofessional will contact you to arrange for service.
  2. Four Hours: Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeviewtechnician will be onsite to start mitigation services.
  3. Detailed Explanation: A trained SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview employee will walk you through the job process step-by-step, explaining what to expect and the anticipated outcome.
  4. Pretesting: A SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview employee will begin pretesting for restoration, working from the source of the damage outward.
  5. Eight Hours: Within eight hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope is communicated to the appropriate person.
  6. Cleaning, Restoration, & Deodorization: SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview will work neatly and efficiently to help you regain control of your property. We then use advance restoration techniques to make it “Like it never even happened.”
  7. Final Walk-through: After the work has been completed, a final walk-through will be conducted with you to help ensure your satisfaction.

SERVPRO® of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview responds quickly, offering a full line of fire cleanup and restoration services to help you return to your business  as soon as possible. Before risking further damage by attempting to clean up the damage on your own, call the fire damage clean up and restoration professionals at (504)-496-0193 .

We wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The True Water Threat to Commercial Business

11/20/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO house logo with with fire flames and water spots on the background. Trust the ones who care! Call SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview for more info how to keep your business safe!

SERVPRO Offers Professionally Proven Methods to Mitigate the Effects of Unwanted Water in Your Place of Business

Businesses in N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview tend to worry about Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River coming over the banks, but the truth is that commercial buildings need to worry more about malfunctioning sprinkler systems and broken toilets than the next big storm.
Most N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview water damage is caused not by floods, but by the leak that everyone thinks is just an irritation that needs mopping up once or twice a day. SERVPRO Restoration knows that what looks like a small leak also runs behind walls, and not just across a bathroom floor. Once the results become public, it takes much more than a mop and bucket to fix the problem.
In large, older commercial buildings like warehouses, pipes still twist and break with changes in the weather or when a storm causes other problems. That is why we recommend a thorough inspection after a significant water intrusion or flood, even if there was no noticeable damage at the time. Water soaked wood in wall framing swells or gives way, shifting pipes and connections. When this happens, even a small leak can cause much damage. Fortunately, SERVPRO technicians can find and quickly repair most small leaks and even replace connections when needed. If one of our inspectors finds a major leak or sees that a large problem is looming, they recommend to the business owner to call in a licensed plumber.
If the water has not soaked nearby building material for too long, our teams can fix that. Technicians carefully drill holes along the floor and then insert hoses connected to air movers. These machines generate warm, dry air, and our teams use them to force out the cooler, damp air behind the walls. With careful monitoring, team members can quickly dry wood paneling, drywall, and other building materials without causing additional damage. We always try to restore and not replace wet building elements.
An inspector uses a moisture content meter during the process to ensure the wall space is drying at an acceptable rate. Infrared cameras also indicate temperature variations which show possible moisture pockets on the monitor screen. Once completed, technicians spackle over the drill holes, and either paint over them or replace the floor trim as needed.
Keeping a large facility dry and free from water damage is not a quick task, but SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview is here to help keep each business safe for operations and open to customers. If you need our services, call  (504)-496-0193 today for an inspection and free estimate!

Is Your Business Properly Prepared?

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO house logo pictured above an IPhone and IPad with the ERP program pictured on both screens. Get SERVPRO ready and protect your business the smart way!

When a disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed. Don’t be one of the 60% of businesses to not have a formal emergency response plan. Roughly 80% of businesses are likely to go out of business if they do not recover after a disaster within a months’ time, and 50% of businesses never reopen. The best way to protect your company is to have a solid game plan. Is your business prepared for a natural disaster to hit?

Well you are in luck; SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is here to help! We have been working with local business to ensure that they will not fall victim to these statistics.

SERVPRO has an amazing program called the EMERGENCY READY PROFILE. This program aids property managers and owners, both residential and commercial to be prepared for a disaster to hit.

We will walk you step by step to help you put together an EMERGENCY READY PROFILE. We will help you identify and label utility shut-off locations, identify local utility contact information, identify local emergency contact information such as fire, police, and hospital contacts, and establish main internal contacts for purposes of employee safety and emergency work authorization.

For more information please contact SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview @ 504-810-7144

We provide 24-hour emergency service and have the training and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Water Removal

8/27/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Rapid Water Removal and Drying to Keep Enterprises Functioning during Emergencies

Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview businesses have to deal with most of the same problems as residences when it comes to water intrusion from broken plumbing and leaky pipes in the walls or overhead. They also have to worry about reopening their doors promptly, so that customers can be served in a dry, safe environment and not take their business elsewhere.

A commercial water damage problem common to N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview office settings is preserving the carpets. Although business carpeting is usually far cheaper than one for home, SERVPRO understands that the time to remove the carpet, dry and prepare the surface for a new one, and then install it, takes longer than drying out the existing carpet. The concerns we have when drying them are delamination and deterioration. 

Each carpet has a primary and secondary backing layer. To hold the layers together and then glue the carpet fibers to the primary, manufacturers use latex as the adhesive. When soaked in water for too long, the latex breaks down, causing the backings to separate. This breakdown is delamination. 

If the carpet remains underwater for too long, the fibers begin to separate and pull away from the surface layer. This action is deterioration, and it looks to the eye as if the carpet is beginning to thin out. Most people mistakenly believe this is from heavy foot traffic. 

To prevent these actions, SERVPRO starts with removing as much of the water as quickly as we can bring in the right equipment. If the standing water is around ankle-deep, we can remove it using commercial grade pumps. For smaller amounts of water covering the carpet, we use water extraction wands or Rovers, a type of riding water extractor like a lawnmower. With these devices, we can control how much suction we use to prevent causing any secondary damage by accidentally lifting the carpet surface from the lower layers or pulling fibers out of the deteriorating latex. Heated drying mats, part of the SERVPRO arsenal of equipment, can also efficiently expedite water extraction and drying.

After removing the bulk of the standing water, we use dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the carpet surface and the surrounding air. As technicians monitor these machines, other team members set up air movers to blow warm, dry air over the carpet, forcing the damp air out where an exhaust fan removes it and blows it out of the facility. This use of negative air pressure is very useful for reducing the water vapor in the air that can cause secondary water damage to previously secure fixtures and furnishings.

Restoring your business office is not always a difficult process, but it does take training and the proper tools to do it correctly. SERVPRO of  N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview can walk through every step with you until we finish and return a dry, safe structure so you can reopen for business. Call today at (504) 468-3046 if you need our services.

Don't Delay Get OUT of Fire's Way!

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

When it comes to commercial buildings mistakes are never an option. Commercial building owners should go the extra mile to protect their properties from any sort of damage that could occur. Here are a few tips to protect your building and the people in them.


Fire and smoke alarms are the first defense for commercial buildings when a fire occurs.

Dos include:

  • Ensuring the alarm system is regularly inspected in line with regulation
  • Maintaining documentation surrounding alarm activity and maintenance
  • Testing your alarm system regularly to ensure proper function
  • Creating an action plan for building residents for when the alarm is set off


  • Downplaying or brushing off the need to have regular maintenance and testing for your fire alarm system

Extinguishers and Suppression Systems

Extinguishers can be used by individuals to manage small fires while suppression systems can help prevent serious damage on a larger scale.


  • Conducting regular tests to ensure proper function and pressure
  • Scheduling routine maintenance through contractors
  • Storing extinguishers in a clear and open space that makes them easily accessible
  • Providing proper training for occupants


  • Putting off regularly scheduled inspections and tests to ensure function
  • Neglecting to train occupants on proper extinguisher use and handling
  • Keeping extinguishers in an area that is cluttered, difficult to get to, or where heat is constantly present


In the case of emergencies like a fire, emergency lighting sources should be available in order to provide occupants with a safe pathway from the building.


  • Installing lighting throughout the building to provide effective light in all occupied areas
  • Scheduling regular maintenance and inspection

Don’ts :

  • Failing to install proper lighting
  • Neglecting to have regular maintenance and inspection

How SERVPRO Removes Water From Your Flood Damaged Harahan Factory

3/27/2019 (Permalink)

No job is too big for SERVPRO. We make it "Like it never even happened."

Factories Need Commercial Water Removal after Flooding Happens in Harahan

When your Harahan area factory floods and invades spaces where your employees work, SERVPRO knows that getting things back to normal as timely as possible restores safe conditions and keeps schedules intact. We can help you with these aspects by sending out qualified specialists who understand your concerns.  

We serve Harahan and nearby locations with commercial water removal methods that rectify disasters that can otherwise prevent businesses from operating normally. Your ability to stay open means a lot to our local community and us. We do everything we can do to make this possible for you, and when closing your operations down does become a necessity, we work as quickly as possible to minimize your downtime.  

Flooding can cause serious problems with maintaining a safe environment for your workers, so we ensure that these issues receive the attention required first. Removing water from floors makes walking through these areas safe again, but we also need to clean contaminated areas, as well as dry the rest of your facility. After flooding occurs, humidity levels can increase and cause problems with equipment and inventory.  

We use advanced technology to determine where elevated amounts of moisture occur, as different materials can absorb more moisture than other materials. Heat also plays a role in water removal, so where elements such as concrete and other hard but porous substances exist, we increase the temperature to force this moisture out and into the air. Before it can condense on other surfaces where it might become absorbed again, our air movers push it into our desiccant machinery, trapping it and keeping it from causing any additional damage.  

We also make sure that areas around electrical conduits become dry again, and work with certified electricians to rule out any possible problems with your factories electrical system. We streamline the entire restoration process as much as possible to keep overall costs low and prevent damage from worsening.  

SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is ready to take your call at (504) 468-3046 when you need water removal services to keep your factory running in River Ridge, Elmwood, or New Orleans. Call us, 24/7, to have IICRC-certified technicians take care of the situation for you.

Harahan once grew sugar cane. Read more here.

If The Levee Breaks You Need The Team At SERVPRO To Help Save Your New Orleans Department Store!

12/10/2018 (Permalink)

These levee breaks can quickly affect miles of properties, including your department store near the French Quarter.

Levee Breaks Can Flood Your New Orleans Department Store

One of the most severe situations that New Orleans residents can face is the sheer force of hurricanes and their destructive nature on the structures and communities throughout our service area. As our residents saw with Hurricane Katrina, these same destructive forces can cause devastation to multiple properties simultaneously when the force and power of the storm break through levees. These levee breaks can quickly affect miles of properties, including your department store near the French Quarter.

With levee breaks, so many properties get affected all at once by storm and flood damages in New Orleans. Your department store has a substantial investment at risk by the rising and rushing waters, and you need a crew that can arrive quickly to help you protect this investment. Our SERVPRO Contents Department has the experience to remove at-risk items from flooded or flooding properties to protect them until it is safe to return them after restoration completes.

Often with substantial catastrophes like what our area saw with Katrina and the breaking of levees, there is no stopping the water flooding the area from infiltrating your business and affecting construction materials and the remaining contents. Most often, business owners must wait until the water settles enough for extraction and drying efforts to be effective. Our SERVPRO professionals can work quickly at this time with truck-mounted extraction pumps, offering a powerful 300 psi removal.

Our franchise offers comprehensive restoration services in the event of flooding throughout our area. With so much of the city and its surrounding communities well below sea level, many properties ultimately get affected by levee breaks. Our licensed contracting division can help with demolition of unsalvageable construction and efficient rebuilding services to return your building to its former condition.

While you cannot always expect levees to break and flood the city, knowing what to do and whom to call in such a disaster is critical to protecting your investment you have made in your store. Give our SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview rapid response team a call anytime disaster strikes at (504) 468-3046.

Click here for more about New Orleans.

If Water Damage Plagues Your New Orleans Restaurant You Need The Team At SERVPRO

11/17/2018 (Permalink)

Attempting to remove water from your New Orleans restaurant yourself is not a wise choice.

Hire A Professional To Deal With Water Removal In Your New Orleans Restaurant Properly

Attempting to remove water from your New Orleans restaurant yourself is not a wise choice. Without the proper tools and resources, you could easily make things worse, without even knowing it. Massive intrusions affect the structural integrity of your building and allow harmful bacteria, chemicals, and additional toxic materials to swarm throughout your property.

Using anything other than professional water removal services leaves water standing in your New Orleans Restaurant for several hours or even days. After such a long time, it is impossible for you to know what the water floating around your building contains. Which can lead to exposure to a variety of airborne pathogens that you and your customers would be better off avoiding. There is no need to put yourself or your patrons at risk, seek the aid of an experienced water removal professional, today.

SERVPRO offers quality water removal services and performs time-sensitive tasks that help limit any losses you might experience. We can help prevent swelling, cracking, and surface damage throughout your dining area and give each item the attention it deserves to recover correctly. Our teams work swiftly, removing water before permanent damage occurs, this includes water affecting your electrical, plumbing, and ventilation systems. We come prepared to address any situation developing on your property in a timely, efficient manner.

You may think that putting shop vacs, towels, and bleach into your maintenance workers hands is sufficient. However, SERVPRO’s IICRC-industry certified technicians treat every surface with EPA-registered disinfectants and have access to a variety of detection, extraction, and drying equipment to remove water from your restaurant completely. Within hours, instead of days or days, instead of weeks. Remember, never waste your time and energy to obtain less than satisfactory results. Get the doors of your restaurant open again quickly, by contacting a seasoned professional, today.

All it takes is a single call to SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview to obtain the water removal, cleanup, and restoration services your company deserves. Professional services are available throughout the River Ridge, Jefferson, and Elmwood areas at a moments notice. Call us today (504) 468-3046.

Click here for more about New Orleans.

SERVPRO Has The Experience And Training To Restore Your Water Damaged Restaurant In New Orleans

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

When disaster strikes your New Orleans restaurant, you need the best commercial water cleanup company.

Five Qualities The Right Commercial Water Cleanup Company For Your New Orleans Restaurant Must Have

When disaster strikes your New Orleans restaurant, you need the best commercial water cleanup company. Problem is choosing the right company with IICRC certified experts is not an easy task. Want to avoid unscrupulous restoration companies from taking advantage of you? Here are 5 qualities to look for in a commercial water cleanup company.

Locally Owned And Operated
Are you in need of commercial water cleanup services in your New Orleans restaurant? Well, a locally-owned and operated company is the right fit for you. Here is why? The technicians understand the main causes of water damage in your area. Also, they are trained to resolve problems that cause disruption to your business.

IICRC Certified
A word of advice – avoid hiring non-IICRC certified contractors. IICRC certified water restoration experts like SERVPRO technicians are well versed with the safest methods for removing water and drying your business. As experts, they know how to prevent damage to your restaurant. They use advanced equipment to detect moisture. Besides, they document the whole process to fast track your insurance claim process.

Great Reputation And Positive Reviews
Experienced commercial water cleanup technicians have been in business for a long time. They have handled the worst cases of water damage and saved many businesses. As a result, customers always leave positive reviews.

Licensed, Insured, And Bonded
In case of injury at your workplace during water removal, the injured party can file a lawsuit. As a restaurant owner, it is important to choose an insured and bonded company in water removal and restoration services. Also, the company must be licensed and follow state and federal laws.

Modern Drying And Restoration Equipment
To save your restaurant, a company with modern drying and restoration equipment is what you need. Must have equipment include air movers, dehumidifiers, hygrometers, and truck mounted equipment. So, before hiring the company, inquire about the type of drying and restoration equipment they have.

As SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview commercial water cleanup technicians, we have the qualities above and more. As experienced contractors, We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. For timely services, call our 24/7 emergency line at (504) 468-3046.

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The Benefits of Water Cleanup Services for Your New Orleans Night Club

8/24/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Jazzes Up New Orleans Businesses After a Water Loss

SERVPRO Rocks in New Orleans with Water Removal and Recovery

The Big Easy is always coming to life at night, and as an owner of a New Orleans nightclub, you should be able to attest to the high traffic you get once the sun goes down. All days of the week patrons are going to come into your club looking to cut loose and have a good time. Even a seemingly small-scale incident that requires drying efforts and extraction services could put a damper in your business.

As is the case with any business owner, your profits are one of the top concerns. That is why when you need water cleanup services for your New Orleans nightclub, you seek out the kind of professional outfit that can arrive quickly and provide the high-quality service to ensure that the job gets done the first time correctly. Regardless of the source of the incident, water damage is rarely something that you are going to be able to contend with on your own, even with a maintenance / custodial staff.

One of the reasons that you are going to want to seek out professional assistance to help you clean up the water damage to your facility is the money that you have put into the staging areas of your dance floor. This material is susceptible to oversaturation and warping, which can happen even after a brief period of exposure. Prompt extraction and drying are critical to preserving this material.

Another advantage to choosing professional cleaning services that our SERVPRO team provides is protecting all of the electronic equipment that you have. From the DJ booth to the amplifiers and speakers throughout the building, a modest presence of moisture can short out this equipment and require you to replace it. Our team utilizes high-grade dehumidification equipment to pull moisture from the area and replace it with overly dry air.  

As a business owner, you are perpetually thinking about the success of your establishment and the experience of your patrons. The best choice that you can make when you face a situation demanding water cleanup is to trust our SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview restoration technicians. We can arrive quickly and help you to keep the nightlife of New Orleans alive and well. Give us a call anytime you need us at (504) 468-3046.

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Fire Damage In Kenner Retail Center Requires Speedy Restoration

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says--Not All Kenner Mall Fire Sales Are Good

Preserving Your Shop from Smoke Effects--Call SERVPRO

The city of Kenner features a number of shopping centers between the airport and Lake Pontchartrain. A fire in a retail space within a shopping mall can damage other stores in the center as well. Arranging for a fast response by a reliable smoke and fire recovery company is critical whether yours is the store that hosted the fire damage or is a neighboring space that sustained smoke and water harm because of the nearby catastrophe.
Fre damage to one Kenner store can spread to adjoining properties. When this happens to a business you own in a multi-unit shopping center, it is vital for you to hire a restoration company just as soon as the proprietor of the shop where the fire started.
The type of “secondhand smoke” and soot damage your business endures causes immediate, progressive, and expensive deterioration. Water and chemicals used to extinguish a fire might migrate into your spaces as well. SERVPRO crews help you recover from the damage to structural components and contents. We also assist in documenting the damage and the steps we take to make it “Like it never even happened” to ensure coverage from your insurance company, and perhaps from the carrier for the center or the other store.
SERVPRO fire damage restoration begins with water damage mitigation, extracting the water and drying out your store. Then we turn our attention to cleaning the sooty residues from surfaces. Depending on how thoroughly the materials burned in the neighboring space the soot can be light and ashy, thick and sticky, or firmly adherent like a coating of varnish or lacquer. Our technicians complete advanced training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to be ready to identify the types of soot involved and to match the appropriate products and tools to the particular issues in your scenario.
Loose soot vacuums or blots away with dry sponges. “Wet,” sticky soot from slow fabric or electrical burns may need cleansers with wetting agents and surfactants that loosen the grime to be rinsed or wiped off of surfaces. Protein or grease fires produce smoke that deposits as an almost impenetrable layer, requiring SERVPRO crews to employ solvents and abrasive tools in removal.
Lingering smoke odors can be very objectionable to customers, so SERVPRO crews also offer effective solutions for the smells following fire damage. If thorough cleaning does not eliminate smoky smells, we move on to thermal fogging or oxygenation systems like hydroxyl generators to neutralize the odor-bearing particles at a molecular level.
SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is ready to help your business recover from secondary fire damage when an adjacent retail space has a fire. Contact us at (504) 468-3046 day or night to get the restoration process moving.

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High-Efficiency Water Removal For Your Business In New Orleans

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Techs Go to Great Lengths to Remove Water from Your New Orleans Commercial Site

Minimal Disruptions to Your New Orleans Commercial Work Place Thanks to SERVPRO's Professional Approach to Water Extraction

A broad range of reasons can underlie your New Orleans company’s need for water removal. Regardless of the source of the water, it must be removed fast to avoid the progressive deterioration, and possible secondary damage moisture infåçlicts upon the structural materials, fixtures, and contents of your commercial property. We have the high-efficiency equipment and skilled technicians to complete the job.

Often when water removal is necessary for a New Orleans business the power in the building is unavailable at least temporarily. The risk of shock when machinery and electronics stand in water is concerning, but pumping and extraction tools require a power source. Our service vehicles feature truck mounted extractors and gas-powered pumps to get right to work on pulling the water out of every space in your commercial building using generators we deliver to your building.
Our technicians train to make educated determinations about the characteristics of the water removed. We drain clean water from broken pipes and recent rains through the sewer system or outside the building. If the water contains contaminants such as sewer back up or chemicals, local regulations may require SERVPRO to contain and dispose of the liquid following hazardous waste procedures.
SERVPRO technicians also ensure that no water remains behind after our removal efforts through our use of sensitive moisture meters and infrared scanners. Finding all the water in every recess and crevice is critical to restoring the space thoroughly. If any water lingers more than 24 to 48 hours, microbial growth is possible. Soaked drywall often can be salvaged if the standing water is extracted quickly and the area dried, but each hour of waiting increases the probability that sections of building materials may need to be removed and replaced.
As we methodically work through the affected spaces, our trained crews decide if some materials are so damaged they removal is necessary. Flood cuts are employed to halt progressive damage to walls by SERVPRO employees when indicated. We can limit continuing harm by cutting the drywall above the watermark to stop additional water from wicking up. The cut also permits our industrial air movers to circulate warmed air between the studs to ensure the framing and remaining drywall expanses dry out evenly.
Trust SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview with your commercial water removal tasks. Our full-service water damage restoration team is a call away at (504) 468-3046.

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Commercial Water Damage Methods in River Ridge

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

When your busy shop faces water damage, time is of the essence. Contact SERVPRO, and we will arrive quickly to start drying out your business.

Drying Out Services are Needed Right Away When Water Floods Your Shop

If a pipe breaks and water starts to leak into your auto shop in River Ridge, building materials and contents are at risk. Water can flow into all areas of your shop and damage multiple types of flooring. Most automobile repair shops have hard surface floors, but there might be tile in one room and concrete in the central area.
The longer moisture stays inside a building, the higher chance there is for items to sustain damage. SERVPRO's commercial water damage technicians in River Ridge have different types of equipment to extract and dry moisture out of the various types of materials. Depending on each situation we use a combination of methods and tools to mitigate moisture problems.
If concrete is painted, it may flake or blister requiring repainting. Concrete floors are porous so water can wick up leaving behind chalk-like calcium deposits on the surface. These can get brushed off, but if the leak is continuous, the deposits can return.
Asphalt tiles stay adhered to concrete pretty well even in water damage scenarios. At times the glue can break down and leave behind white, chalky deposits. These deposits can usually be cleaned without much effort.
Vinyl tile is not as durable and does not adhere as well to concrete as asphalt tile does. Vinyl tile can become loose when saturated with water. Vinyl tiles become loose when water flows on top of the concrete underneath the tiles. In most cases, vinyl tiling gets removed and replaced because it is relatively inexpensive.
Whenever your business gets damaged, we know it can take a toll on your company's revenues. We always take measures to ensure that your business does not get negatively affected during the restoration process. Many times the drying and extraction procedures take place when your business is closed.
Hard surface floors are usually quickly dried out and treated when damaged by moisture. Hardwood floors are made to withstand water but can still get warped if they stay wet for too long. Any time water causes a problem with your auto shop call SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview at (504) 468-3046 24/7.

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Removing Water In Harahan Businesses After Mishaps

4/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Industry Leading Pumps for Water Extraction in Harahan Commercial Buildings

SERVPRO Cleans Up and Restores Retail and Offices After Water Damage Quickly

With the Mississippi as our southern city border, Harahan residents are very familiar with storms and floods. Most damage to businesses though comes from less impressive sources like a broken toilet or a ruptured water line.

With that in mind, commercial water damage to Harahan businesses becomes a fairly common problem. That is no comfort to the souvenir shop owner who opens her front door to find water suddenly splashing over her shoes. SERVPRO understands this and works to remove water and restore every business back to its pre-damage state, "Like it never even happened."
Our technicians start with removing the water. While we use a commercial pump in many cases, for a smaller shop with a split water line, we often go directly to water extraction wands. These are commercial versions of the water-vac many people have in their garage or janitor’s closet. We can adjust the vacuum speed to match the level of water and prevent damaging wood floors under the flooding. If the shop’s power is unavailable, we can bring in one of the portable generators we keep in our inventory for uninterrupted power.
After finishing with the wands, we make sure the floor is dry to walk on safely. Our teams use long-handled squeegees to push out any remaining surface water and then a combination of warm movers and exhaust fans to dry any residual amounts of moisture. If the floor is wood and not concrete, we can carefully lift a floorboard out of regular foot traffic to check for moisture. If possible, we first check with non-probing moisture meters to hunt for hidden water or moisture.
Next, we examine the interior walls. If the drywall has only absorbed a small amount of moisture, we can use the same axial fans and air movers to reduce the time needed to dry them without causing further damage. Our SERVPRO technicians can also drill small holes after removing the baseboards for drainage and to also increase air flow to hasten evaporation. If the panels are crumbling in place, we remove and dispose of them along with any damaged floor trim.
Restoring a shop to its pre-damage condition takes time, but SERVPRO of North Kenner / Harahan & Lakeview has the experience to help you reopen your doors as quickly as possible. If you need our services, call us today at (504) 468-3046 to schedule a visit.

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