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Harahan Mold Remediation

When the water leaked from the toilet in this vacant home in Harahan, opportunistic mold spores developed into damaging mold colonies. The ruined lower sheetroc... READ MORE

Water Damage – Harahan Home

Water damage occurred at this Harahan home when a pipe joint in a water line failed while the homeowners were away from the house for the weekend. The water dam... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In New Orleans

Your New Orleans home can be restored by our experts after a fire has caused significant damage. A fire can occur at any time, and we are standing by 24/7 to an... READ MORE

Fire and Smoke Damage in Harahan

This is what can happen when a space heater is not placed properly on the floor of a Harahan bedroom. Flammable materials should be at least 5-feet away to prev... READ MORE

Mold Remediation In New Orleans

Your New Orleans home can be restored by our technicians after a mold infestation has taken over. Since mold can grow within 48 hours; we are standing by to pro... READ MORE

Kenner Home and a Mold Problem

Other than the tropical storms and flooding that soak properties in the Kenner area of LA, water leaks and moisture buildups can also lead to mold infestations.... READ MORE

Fire Damage In Lakeview

After a fire, your Lakeview home may also experience water damage as a result of the firefighting efforts. Our experts will arrive quickly and start the restora... READ MORE

Water Ruins Flooring in North Kenner

It can be unfortunate when a leak in an unoccupied home can soak into a laminated flooring for several days. The result in a home in the North Kenner area is th... READ MORE

Harahan Home Deals with a Storm

Driving rainstorms that force water into poorly sealed windows and exterior wood siding can create surprising damage to the interior of a Harahan home. The wate... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In New Orleans

Having your floor covered in water is not good for business. At SERVPRO, we can respond 24/7 to your commercial water damage emergency. Our team will respond qu... READ MORE