Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Ruins Flooring in North Kenner

It can be unfortunate when a leak in an unoccupied home can soak into a laminated flooring for several days. The result in a home in the North Kenner area is th... READ MORE

Water Damage – North Kenner Kitchen

Water damage to this North Kenner home’s kitchen was the result of a ruptured water line feed for the ice maker. The flooring in the kitchen was a laminat... READ MORE

Water Damage--More Than Meets the Eye in North Kenner

The potable water flowing into the hallway and bedrooms of a North Kenner home can cause significant damage. The small leak from the toilet supply line, in the ... READ MORE

New Orleans Water Damage

The water stains and hole in the gypsum board indicate a large amount of water has absorbed into the ceiling of this New Orleans house. Whether from a roof leak... READ MORE

Water Damage – North Kenner House

Water damage to this North Kenner house was cause3d by a broken water line to the refrigerator. The break happened sometime over a three day weekend when the fa... READ MORE

Water Damage--North Kenner

Sometimes the water damage to a North Kenner office is more than meets the eye. The soaked carpet can be suctioned free of water, but the walls have wicked in a... READ MORE