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The Weather Isn't The Only Thing Hot During The Summer!

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Summer is a time to get out and have fun. But the weather isn’t the only thing that heats up during these few months.

Be aware of the risk of fires and prepare by checking the batteries in your smoke detectors and having functioning fire extinguishers.

5,700 homes experience grill related fires every year. In fact 57% of fires happen within four months; May, June, July, and August. Grill fires happen when someone mishandles the igniting of the grill with a spark or flame. Mechanical issues such as broken containers or pipes also can increase the risk of causing a fire.

For precautionary measures, before the startup of grilling season check your grills condition , clean it, check the drip pan, and thing else that could potentially have grease on it from previous cookouts. Inspect each part of your barbecue pit to make sure everything is attached properly. Also, be sure you are in a grill-friendly environment free of branches, roofs or any sort of overhang when igniting the grill. Be prepared for a fire, as grease and fat are likely to catch on fire. Keep baking soda near the grill in case a grease fire breaks out. If you find yourself faced with a fire emergency this summer, don’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan, and Lakeview! 504-468-3046

When It Rains Don't Let It Pour!

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

When most people think about water damage they think of record breaking floods, washer machines and pipes busting in their homes. What they don’t think of is ONE inch of rain. Yes, I said it correctly ONE INCH. One inch of rainfall doesn’t sound like it can do much harm, but when one inch of rain falls on a roof without gutters it allows nearly 2000 gallons of water to soak into the ground around your homes foundation. Gutters are the key to help protect your home against water damage. Gutters collect the rain rolling down your roof and divert it away from your home, and prevent flooding from happening. Another reason gutters benefit your home is by protecting your soil from eroding. When you have faulty gutters it causes the water to wash away the soil and leave the foundation of your home vulnerable and unprotected.

Things to Keep an ye On:

Debris Build Up: Can lead to pools of water forming on your roof and eventually leaking through your ceiling and into your home. Use pressure washer or leaf blower to clean them out quarterly

Storm Damage: After a rain, wind, or hail storm it is important to inspect your gutters for cracks or breaks. If damage has been caused, you can fill the holes with gutter caulk.

Old Gutters: Older gutters are more susceptible to damage or contain open seams. Make quarterly routine checks for repairs.

Call SERVPRO of North Kenner Harahan and Lakeview for any of your restoration needs!    504-468-3046

SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

7/1/2019 (Permalink)


It’s that time of year again, the time where you gather all of your family and friends, barbeque, cool off with some water activities, and pop fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence. SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview just wanted to post a few safety tips to ensure you will have a blast without creating one!


When It Rains ... We Restore!

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Louisiana is known for Mardi Gras, Crawfish, Alligators, jazz music, great food and an even better time. However, the first thing most people think of when they hear Louisiana is Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that accompanied her. Flooding is a fear many of our residents worry about constantly, but SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, and Lakeview is here to put our residents mind at ease. We are here to help and serve our community that we are proud to be a part of. SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, and Lakeview is on call prepared to assist in any on your water damage needs 24/7. Our highly trained technicians are ready around the clock to quickly and properly restore your home or business. We use innovative inspection and extraction equipment to detect all of the water and remove it as quickly as possible. Our technicians will observe and document the drying process to ensure your property is back “like it never even happened.”


  • Remove items off of furniture such as lamps, and table top décor and wipe off excess water.
  • Mop up excess water on the floor.
  • Prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Open any doors and windows that you can to encourage air flow and help to prevent mold growth.
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting.


  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet, and keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging.
  • Don't use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Don't leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpet or floors.

Even though you may have removed all of the water, there may be moisture lurking within your floors, carpet and baseboards that you cannot see that’s where SERVPRO of North Kenner Harahan and Lakeview can help! Please call us at        504-468-3046

Don't Delay Get OUT of Fire's Way!

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

When it comes to commercial buildings mistakes are never an option. Commercial building owners should go the extra mile to protect their properties from any sort of damage that could occur. Here are a few tips to protect your building and the people in them.


Fire and smoke alarms are the first defense for commercial buildings when a fire occurs.

Dos include:

  • Ensuring the alarm system is regularly inspected in line with regulation
  • Maintaining documentation surrounding alarm activity and maintenance
  • Testing your alarm system regularly to ensure proper function
  • Creating an action plan for building residents for when the alarm is set off


  • Downplaying or brushing off the need to have regular maintenance and testing for your fire alarm system

Extinguishers and Suppression Systems

Extinguishers can be used by individuals to manage small fires while suppression systems can help prevent serious damage on a larger scale.


  • Conducting regular tests to ensure proper function and pressure
  • Scheduling routine maintenance through contractors
  • Storing extinguishers in a clear and open space that makes them easily accessible
  • Providing proper training for occupants


  • Putting off regularly scheduled inspections and tests to ensure function
  • Neglecting to train occupants on proper extinguisher use and handling
  • Keeping extinguishers in an area that is cluttered, difficult to get to, or where heat is constantly present


In the case of emergencies like a fire, emergency lighting sources should be available in order to provide occupants with a safe pathway from the building.


  • Installing lighting throughout the building to provide effective light in all occupied areas
  • Scheduling regular maintenance and inspection

Don’ts :

  • Failing to install proper lighting
  • Neglecting to have regular maintenance and inspection

Flooded Kenner Home

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Nobody ever wants to be “that guy” holding pots and pans to catch leaking water, but let’s face it things happen. Luckily a homeowner of a local Kenner home had SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview’s number handy!

Your toilet is the last thing you think will cause you home water damage. However, just as you age causing your muscles and bones to get weak and brittle so does your toilets components that allow it to properly function. While some issues might be a drawn-out refilling process that can affect your monthly water bill, more severe consequences might include overflowing of the reservoir when the float mechanism does not engage.

Overflowing reservoirs might not affect your home but it does often require professional water removal and recovery. Even with noticing the problem shortly after it begins, an instance like this can quickly cover the bathroom floor and affect other rooms as well. Removing water yourself with buckets and mops is simply not enough. Even though you may have removed all of the water, there may be moisture lurking within your floors, carpet and baseboards that you cannot see that’s where SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview can help.

We understand the frustration and importance of reacting quickly to these types of situations. Which is why our highly trained technicians, are ready around the clock to quickly and properly restore your home or business using the IICRC drying principles. We use advanced inspection and extraction equipment to detect all of the water and remove it as quickly as possible. Our technicians will observe and document the drying process to ensure your property is dry.

Whether water damage is caused by plumbing malfunctions, ground water, falling water, or weather damage SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is the right professional choice to make in assisting water damages. Give us a call @ 504-468-3046.

Call SERVPRO of N. Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview Today To Protect Your Business From The Next Storm

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Is Your Business Prepared For The Next Storm?

When a disaster strikes the time to prepare has passed. Don’t be one of the 60% of businesses to not have a formal emergency response plan. Roughly 80% of businesses are likely to go out of business if they do not recover after a disaster within a months’ time, and 50% of businesses never reopen. The best way to protect your company is to have a solid game plan. Is your business prepared for a natural disaster to hit?

          Well you are in luck; SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview is here to help! We have been working with local business to ensure that they will not fall victim to these statistics.

          SERVPRO has an amazing program called the EMERGENCY READY PLAN. This program aids property managers and owners, both residential and commercial to be prepared for a disaster to hit. We will walk you step by step to help you put together an EMERGENCY READY PLAN. We will help you identify and label utility, water, and gas shut-off locations, identify in house personal contact information, and identify local emergency contact information such as fire, police, and hospital contacts.

          When and if a storm were to hit our highly trained technicians are ready around the clock to quickly and properly restore your home or business to pre-water damage condition. SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview uses advanced inspection and extraction equipment to detect all of the water and remove it as quickly as possible. Our technicians will observe and document the drying process to ensure your property is dry.

For more information on protecting your business please contact us @ 504-468-3046

Put It Out Before It Puts You Out!

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Knock Out Smoke Residue and Odors by Calling SERVPRO of N. Kenner Harahan, & Lakeview for Fire Damage Mitigation

All it takes is one little spark and poof! A fire has started. As children we were taught all the different ways to prevent a fire such as don’t leave a dish towel near a burning stove, don’t play with electrical sockets, don’t play with matches, or what to do when a building catches on fire; STOP, DROP, AND ROLL, exit a building in an orderly fashion without panicking, and call 911. However, no one ever went over what to do after the flames have been put out such as, how to get rid of the funky residue and odor.

 Unfortunately, regular household cleaning products along with soap and water won't do the trick when it comes to getting rid of smoke residue and odors. Although the stains may be gone after endless hours of scrubbing, the chemicals in the cleaning products can seep into walls, floors, or other absorbent surfaces, and cause future damage. The importance of cleaning and treating all exposed surfaces to insure everything is fully clean and rid of funky smells may seem overwhelming, but don’t panic SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview has you covered!

Our IICRC Certified Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians can help clean and remove odor from your home or business. Our technicians can clean the affected surfaces thoroughly using dry and wet washing techniques to release and carry away the residue particles. Chemically treated wet and dry sponges can remove most residues, though at times a preliminary vacuuming with a HEPA filtered device yields positive results. We can follow up this procedure with deodorization using a combination of deodorization techniques since one product or process cannot solve all odor problems. Some odors require direct spraying, and others fogging.

The technicians use different types of deodorizing equipment, including air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators, depending on the odor situation. Air scrubbers can eliminate airborne particles, gases, and odors from the air. These devices draw dirty indoor air through a series of HEPA and charcoal filters, capturing gases, particles, and odors. They then exhaust clean air back into the home.

Our crew works hard to restore items to their original condition using safe and thorough restoration techniques call SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview for any of your fire mitigation needs @ 504-468-3046

Call SERVPRO of N. Kenner Harahan & Lakeview After Your Fire!

6/6/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan, & Lakeview has been the go to trusted fire repair and restoration team serving the local area since 1992. Our highly trained team provides extraordinary service and we promise to restore your residential or commercial property “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview specializes in fire and water damage restoration. We have the specific damage restoration training, personnel, and equipment which allow us to be able to quickly restore your home to pre-fire condition. Which is why you should call us right away before the initial shock of the fire wears off. People tend to instantly feel overwhelmed, stressed, and helpless afterwards and they need to be able to trust in a company that cares about their belongings as much as they do.

After a fire occurs you should limit movement in your home to prevent soot particles from embedding into your rugs, carpets, cloth sofas, curtains, etc. Another tip is to place clean towels or old sheets on these items to protect them from further damage. If your electricity is off immediately empty your fridge and freezer as well as prop the doors open. Changing your HVAC filter is also recommended.

SERVPRO of North Kenner, Harahan & Lakeview is prepared to come to your aid after fire damages. Call (504) 468-3046 as soon as fire officials release your property for a rapid assessment and solid restoration plan.

Better To Be Prepared!

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Keep you home and possessions safe this hurricane season! Your local SERVPRO has put together a handy list check list for you this season!

SECURE YOUR HOUSE DOORS: Add bolts at the top and bottom of your doors. Strong winds can easily rip doors off hinges. It is also a good idea to calk doors to prevent rain from getting in.

STORM PROOF YOUR WINDOWS: Living in Louisiana storm shutters are a key asset when trying to defend your home of a hurricane. However, old fashion plywood will do the trick as well, keep in mind it should be at least 5/8 inches thick. Caulking the cracks around your windows will also prevent heavy rains from getting inside your home and decreases the chances of moisture damage.

STRAP DOWN YOUR ROOF: Hurricane straps and clamps are handy little tools to insure you that your roof is fastened to the frame.

SECURE OUTDOOR YARD ITEMS: Find a safe place such a garage or shed to store all of your patio furniture, grill, and lawn decor. Make sure no lose items are left to be blown through a window.

SAFETY PROOF YOUR LANDSCAPING: Lastly, trim trees and bushes to minimalism debris. Tie down smaller trees and shrubs, and move all potted plants indoors.